Film, 25 min., 2022

The film depicts the city of Gibellina in Sicily, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. The ruined site was abandoned and a new town was built. In the following years, the planned city of Gibellina Nuova was created. Numerous international architects and artists supported the new foundation and donated works of art. The artists designed it as an „ideal city“, a visionary project. The result is a huge open-air museum of contemporary art: sculptures and architectural monuments are scattered throughout the town. The new Gibellina is the Italian town with the highest density of modern art in its streets and squares. However, the population did not really feel comfortable in the modern, spacious urban area: The grand scale Piazze and streets are all empty, but still impressing with their monumental character.

The film’s intro and outro feature text passages from Italo Calvino: The Invisible Cities.